Pricing for Pets

Details of some of our standard prices

Please find below some of the prices for standard pet care at Paragon Veterinary Group. For anything else we are always happy to discuss costs and give estimates.

Prices correct as of 1st April 2024

Lifetime Care Club Monthly membership

Paragon Vet's Lifetime Care Club helps spread the cost of regular vaccinations, health checks and preventative treatments like flea and worming control. For details on how the Lifetime Care Club can save you money and spread the cost of preventative treatments for your pet click here

  • Dog less than 10kg   £16 
  • Dog 10-20kg             £17.50  
  • Dog 20-40kg             £19.50
  •  Dog 40-56kg            £23.50
  •  Dog 56kg+               £35.50
  •  Cat                           £14.20

Standard fees

Microchip insertion £13.09

Microchip insertion - during anaesthetic £8.31

Initial Veterinary Consultation £40.73

Re-examination Veterinary Consultation £30.85

Prescription Check Veterinary Consultation £30.11

Dog Vaccination Course £59.98 Including health check with the vet 

Dog Annual Health Check and Vaccination £43.21

Kennel Cough Vaccination £25.48

Cat Vaccination Course £65.95 Including health check with the vet 

Cat Annual Health Check and Vaccination £44.53

Preanaesthetic blood and urine test £94.89 Includes - screening for problems with red blood cells, white blood cell count, liver parameters, kidney markers, electrolyte levels, blood glucose and full urine analysis 

Veterinary Written Prescription £30 These are sent direct to the online pharmacy of your choice 

Animal Health Certificate £146.59 A health check on your pet and an Animal Health Certificate filled out by one of our Official Veterinarians as required for travel to the EU  

Neutering Costs

Includes - pre operative health check, general anaesthetic monitored by a Registered Veterinary Nurse using modern monitoring equipment. Painkillers (including methadone, meloxicom, paracetamol and ketamine depending on the surgery done) on the day of the surgery and post-operatively. Post operative checks also included in the cost

Dog Spay less than 15kg £197.06 

Dog Spay 15-35kg £248.01

Dog Spay 35kg+ £304.16

Dog Castrate less than 15kg £154.40

Dog Castrate 15-35kg £173.11

Dog Castrate 35kg+ £193.65

Cat Spay £88.65

Cat Castrate £62.46