Research and Development

Paragon are involved in a number of research and development projects in order to maintain their position at the cutting edge of cattle advanced breeding in the UK.

Much of our research work is related to IVF, but we are also involved in some international development research projects including MOET as well.

We collaborate with other UK businesses, Universities, and industry partners from around the world and have a proven track record of successful R&D delivery.

Embryo Biopsy

Following on from our previous work developing an embryo biopsy technique to allow DNA sampling for genomic and genetic analysis, we are currently refining this into a high-throughput method, allowing it to be made available to our customers.

Ovum Pick-Up (OPU)

As part of our work to continually improve the IVF system, we are looking closely at the OPU (donor egg collection) process to improve both the quality and quantity of eggs recovered and submitted to the lab for fertilisation.

International Development

We are involved in developing a platform to help disseminate UK cattle genetics into sub-Saharan Africa, to help improve their food security, reduce hunger in the population, and grow agricultural and food businesses operating there.