Vet Tech Services

Alongside our clinical vet team, Paragon Farm have 3 veterinary technicians (Vet Techs).  Our Vet Techs offer a wide range of services to support the vet team and our clients.  These services range from husbandry tasks like calf disbudding or vaccination that help to free up valuable herdsman time to data collection e.g. mobility scoring, calf weights or TB paperwork.  We also have an SQP (Suitably Qualified Person) Vet Tech who is able to do worm egg counts and advise on the best wormer and parasite control options.  If there is something you feel they could help support you with please let us know.  

Stress Free Disbudding

Disbudding calves is one of those jobs farmers repeatedly tell us get pushed back due to time constraints and if left too long it is more difficult, more painful and takes longer.  Farm assurance standards now place a high degree of focus on pain relief management when disbudding.  Under veterinary supervision our Vet Tech service offers a "Stress Free" approach to disbudding which has proved very popular with our clients.  Each calf receives a light sedation allowing simple handling by one person, local anaesthetic and a long acting pain relief injection included in the price per calf.  All calves are checked for extra teats which are removed if found.  Calves have been shown to be back eating and drinking quicker and our Vet Techs can be left to it freeing up valuable time for the farmer.

Mobility Scoring

With 36% of cows lame on any given day and with an average cost of lameness at £180, it is estimated that on average lameness costs equate to 1ppl. We have a RoMS (Register of Mobility Scoring) accredited Vet tech able to offer independent mobility scoring.  Herd and individual cow data can be recorded and reports can be tailored to ensure compliance with the different producer schemes.

Calf Health

Regular farm visits are carried out by our Vet Techs to record calf birth and weaning weights.  Blood samples can also be taken to monitor for levels of passive transfer of antibodies.  When recorded over time these results give an excellent indicator of calf performance on farms.  Calf respiratory vaccines can also be administered by our Vet Techs ensuring that the correct vaccine is given to the right calf at the most appropriate time.

Tb Paperwork

Our Vet Techs are on hand to help with Tb paperwork during large herd tests to ensure accurate recording of individual animal skin measurements.  This chargeable service needs to be requested at the time that the herd test is booked in so please let us know if this is something you would find helpful.