Dairy Consultancy

Paragon Farm offer a dairy consultancy service to farms globally.  We have provided dairy consultancy services across Europe and the Middle East.  Paragon is also a founder member practice of XL Vets in the UK and VetSalus globally.  

Some of the consultancy services we offer are:

  1. Dairy farm trouble shooting or farm review
  2. Regular Consultancy visits throughout the year (3-4/yr)
  3. Weekly monitoring of key data performance indicators
  4. In depth data analysis of herd problems
  5. Training of the Veterinary team and support personnel
  6. Virtual day-day support
  7. Development and monitoring of protocols
  8. Import of improved genetics through IVF or conventional flushing and embryo transfer
Clinical Skills
Routine Health Care
Responsible Medicine Use

Biosecurity and Disease Control


Milking Routines and Equipment

Youngstock Rearing