MOET (Flushing)

Paragon undertake flushing work throughout the UK, with a team dedicated to carrying out this work. We work with dairy and beef cattle, and our MOET and IVF teams work together to give clients the best options for their cattle. We store embryos for domestic use, and also have a licensed export store, for embryos eligible for shipment overseas.


Donor cows are stimulated to encourage the growth and ovulation of multiple oocytes (eggs) rather than just one as is typical. These eggs are then fertilised by AI or natural service, and develop for 7 days before recovery. During this time the developing embryos emerge from the oviduct into the uterus, and recovery takes place before they implant in the uterine wall.

Embryo Recovery (flushing)

Embryos are recovered by passing a catheter into each horn of the uterus in turn under epidural anaesthesia. Fluid is pushed through the catheter into the uterus, then drawn back bringing the embryos with it. The fluid is filtered, embryos identified and then loaded into straws for fresh transfer, or freezing for storage.

Embryo Export

Recovered embryos can be washed for export which, providing all relevant health tests and requirements are met and passed, means these embryos can be exported worldwide, allowing sale to international customers.