Nurse Clinics

We run a variety of nurse clinics providing care for your pets

Our team of nurses all have particular areas of interest and we have clinics available that provide support and treatment for many areas of pets' health and wellbeing. If you would like to book your pet in for a clinic please give us a call.

Weight Management

Ayesha and Kelly are our Weight Management nurses and offer clinics to assess your pets body condition score and weight and tailor an individual nutrition plan for your pet so that they maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. This can either be a weight loss or weight gain programme, once an initial target weight has been calculated.

Dental Clinics

Bronwyn our dental nurse will go through tooth brushing and oral care for your pet. We are able to use a special oral stain too to show you areas where plaque has built up on your pets tooth surfaces and therefore the areas to specifically concentrate on when brushing. We will keep a dental record for your pet and complete an oral health booklet. Dental diets can also be discussed and advised on what would be best to feed your pet.

Mobility/Rehabilitation Clinics

Donna runs the mobility/rehabilitation clinics. The mobility clinics allow Donna to assess your pet’s stance, gait and palpate their muscles and joints etc. to identify problem areas. This allows Donna to implement a plan for each individual patient to aid with their mobility. Weight, nutrition, exercise, joint supplements, home physiotherapy, medication, complementary therapies and home adaptations are all discussed. You will also go home with your own rehabilitation plan with pictures and videos. Your pet’s muscle mass and joint flexion/extension is measured along with advice on activity levels. 

The in house rehabilitation clinics allow appropriate exercises to be selected for the condition your pet suffers with. These can be implemented for any pet with any mobility issue. Donna works with these patients carrying out soft tissue massage, passive range of motion exercises, active range of motion exercises; which include improving range of motion, strengthening, core and stability, balance and proprioception.

Senior Clinics

We offer senior clinics at Paragon where we can discuss care for our geriatric patients and advise you on nutrition, behaviour, mobility and general care for our elderly friends to help keep them as healthy as possible. We can also run blood profiles to monitor their main organ functions to allow us to pick up any changes should they occur. We also offer more specialised nurse clinics for our hyperthyroid, diabetic and renal patients.

Laser Therapy

Here at Paragon we are pleased to be able to inform you we are now permanently offering Laser Therapy at our surgery. Laser Therapy involves directing infra-red radiation into inflamed or damaged tissues to accelerate the body’s natural healing process. It is a non-invasive process and stress free for patients. The benefits from Laser Therapy can include reduction in pain and inflammation, accelerated tissue repair, soothes muscle tension, reduction of scar tissue and improvement of nerve function. For more information or to book your pet in please ask at reception or give us a call on 01228 710208/01768 483789 


We can also do Weigh and Worm clinics, Post Operative Checks, Nail clips, anal gland expressing, Microchipping and Puppy and Kitten Clinics.

For more information on our Puppy and Kitten Clinics and our Puppy Parties please click below