Pre-Purchase Examinations

And Life Height Measurement

A pre purchase examination or “vetting” is a thorough examination performed by a experianced veterinary surgeon on behalf of a potential purchaser to identify any conditions that may affect the horse’s suitability for the purchasers intended use. 

At Paragon we are to offer 2 and 5 stage pre purchase examinations that are performed by an experienced equine vet. If you are considering purchasing a new horse please ring and ask to speak to one of the equine team. 

5 Stage Pre Purchase Examination 

PPE or vettings are a recognised examination carried out prior to the purchase of your new horse or pony, they can also be required for insurance purposes.  PPE can either be performed at the vendor’s yard or can be done at our centre.  PPE follow a recognised format set out by the veterinary defence society (VDS) and are designed to protect both the vendor and purchaser during horse sales.  PPE are carried out in following 5 stages:

1.       The preliminary exam

2.       First walk and trot in hand

3.       Ridden exercise phase

4.       Period of rest and re-examination

5.       Second walk and trot in hand

A blood sample is also obtained for storage.

Additional procedures such as digital radiographs, endoscopy and pre-movement strangles testing can be performed if required at an additional cost.

A PPE certificate will be issued to the purchaser following the procedure and a discussion with the vet listing any clinical findings and recommendations.  It is important to remember that this is just the opinion of the vet on the day of examination and is not a guarantee that the horse will have no future concerns.

2 Stage Pre Purchase Examination 

2 stage PPE are considered more of a health check but are sometimes more suitable for the likes of young horses that have not yet been backed and ridden away.  A 2 stage PPE includes the first two phases of a 5 stage PPE but does not include exercise, the subsequent checks or blood sample.  As this is a more limited examination purchasers will be required to sign a disclosure acknowledging that the vet may not discover certain conditions that may have been observed during a 5 stage PPE

Official JMB Measurements 

We are one of the few approved JMB centres in the North of England with Paul May listed on the panel of official measurers. Our measurement room has been specially developed to help keep the horse or pony as relaxed as possible being fully enclosed, well lit and heated. When arranging your official measurement please first visit to register your details and pay for your height certificate. Once this has been done you will be able to give us a call to make an appointment (we will require your payment receipt reference). All horses or ponies presented for measurement must arrive with their shoes removed and need to be accompanied by their passports.