Students - Seeing Practice

We welcome students on EMS

Paragon welcomes all students although the calendar can become quite busy so please make your request as early as you can.   We try to give students as much hands-on experience as possible with both small animals, large animals and equine. As well as encouraging professional skills such as communication and client care, we will also be happy for you to spend time learning about the business of veterinary practice.

We encourage students to be keen, enthusiastic, ask questions and be involved in cases, assisting with routine animal care, and tasks around the practice. 

We are here to help you gain practical experience. If you show an interest then so will we!

A Typical Day

All the vets start at 8.30am and some of the large animal vets may go straight out on routine visits. We will organise visits for you and if there are any particular cases you want to follow through then please let us know. We have three small animal surgeries a day, and students are more than welcome to stand in on consultations if things are quiet in the hospital. Operation procedures will start 8.30 - 9.00 am.

Out of Hours

Most emergency work occurs out of hours, e.g. Large animal calvings, prolapses and small animal gastric torsions, caesarians etc. If you would like to get involved in these then let the on-call vet know. We have separate on- call for small animal, large animal and equine clients. We will share the vets' rota with you on once you arrive.


We expect all students to get involved whether you are seeing small or large animal practice. If you have a particular area you would like to improve on or you want more practical experience of specific procedures, then let us know when you first join us so we can try to expose you to these where possible. Make the most of your time with the Vets and ask as many questions as you like. If things are quiet in the practice we will always find something for you to do.

Work Experience students

Paragon welcomes Work Experience students interested in a career within Veterinary work. If you wish to apply to come and do work experience with us please fill in this questionnaire and email it to [email protected]

Work Experience Questionnaire