Cattle IVF

Paragon started IVF work in the 1990's, and engaged in a number of research projects from 2011 to optimise the techniques for use in the UK. IVF allows more embryos to be produced over time than conventional flushing techniques, and can also be used to produce embryos from younger donors, as well as from pregnant animals.

We are licensed by Boviteq® to use proven IVF technologies for market-leading results and embryo quality.

Our stimulation programmes are shown to produce more embryos, of better quality, than non-stimulated collections. Low doses of follicle-stimulating hormone ensure that the oocytes collected are at the right level of maturity to produce embryos with the best chances of establishing pregnancies.

Ovum Pick-Up (OPU)

OPU is the process of collecting oocytes (eggs) from donors. This is done via a needle carefully inserted into each follicle, drawing out the fluid under vacuum. We have a number of vets trained to perform OPU to a high standard, with 3 centres in Cumbria and our partners covering the rest of the UK. For more info see the video below.

Embryo Production

Recovered oocytes are matured overnight, before being fertilised and cultured for a week in carefully controlled environments. 7 days post-fertilisation the embryos produced can either be transferred fresh into recipients, or frozen for direct transfer at a later date. For more info see the video below.