PetProactive Insurance

A new way of doing Pet Insurance

A new approach to Pet Insurance

None of us like unexpected bills, and health problems in pets that require veterinary treatments and medical investigations can put a fair dent in a monthly budget. 

With that in mind we have always let our clients know that pet insurance is available to try to minimise those costs, however the Pet Insurance market is a large one, with numerous providers and unfortunately, we see clients getting caught out with claims not paid out which is more frustrating than having no insurance at all!

Insurance premiums can suddenly rise very quickly after a claim, or rise steeply as your pet gets older, leaving clients stuck with the difficulty of either continuing to pay these premiums or risk being uninsured at the time when they are most likely to need to make a claim. Many insurance providers also add in a percentage fee that the client is expected to pay from any claim, this is common in older animals.

We also see claims being denied due to small print terms and conditions or exclusions that the client wasn’t aware of. These can sometimes seem very unfair and can be appealed against, however this can mean long, frustrating phone calls or email strings to call centres for both clients and the vets. It sometimes feels like ‘computer says no’ rather than dealing with people!

Standard pet insurance providers can take a long time to pay out on a claim, this can lead to clients being out of pocket whilst they wait on the claim finally going through.

This is why Paragon is delighted to announce that we have partnered up with a new pet insurance provider called Pet Proactive that has an innovative, novel approach to pet insurance.

Pet Proactive only works with independent veterinary practices and provides straight-forward, quality policies that have clear information and no hidden exclusions or costs. Their premiums are based on Paragon pricing and capability rather than the UK average which makes their premiums competitive against comparable policies.

So what’s so good about them?


  • They provide lifetime cover for your pets with prices that stay affordable as pets get older.
  • They have an annual excess of £100, this is per year, not per condition.
  • No co-payments (percentage of claim passed to client to pay).
  • Exclusions clear and confirmed with owner at the start of the policy.
  • A straightforward claim process means claims are paid direct to Paragon and there are no admin fees for Pet Proactive claim processing at Paragon.
  • Premiums based on Paragon pricing rather than the UK average.

The policies are specifically designed for clients that are happy to commit to Paragon as their primary pet care provider, however it would also cover the costs of referral to specialist centres if needed.

“We only work with independent veterinary practices who put the needs of their patients
first.  Our data shows that fair pricing from these well-managed practices can significantly
reduce pet insurance costs for many of the pets at the practice. This combined with our trust
in the veterinary practices that we work with, enables us to offer customers at the practice
very simple insurance policies, that pay claims in full and provide better value for money
over the lifetime of the pet.”
Elizabeth Graham, Chief Executive Officer Pet Proactive.

To get a quote it is really easy. Just visit the link here and if you put in the mobile number or email that we have on our system you will get instant prices. If you already have pet insurance, you can use Pet Proactive’s free switch check to see if there are any pre-existing health conditions that would affect your pet’s policy before you buy. They will also let you know whether you can cancel your policy early without incurring a fee from your current insurance provider (which is often the case). Pet Proactive’s policies provide lifetime cover but your pet must be under 6 years old to take out their first policy.

“Nobody wants to be worrying about finances when they have a sick pet, we want our clients to be free to make decisions with us based on appropriate treatment and investigations without the stress of taking into account expenses. This new insurance option combined with our Lifetime Care Club will allow pet owners to budget without fear of the unexpected. They will have 2 monthly outgoings, and if the pet has no pre-existing health conditions, the most they will need to pay is their £100 excess per year, then their treatment costs are covered up to the insurance policy limit. They will know what they are covered for and their pets will receive the best possible care without the worry over bills.” Graham Lewis, Paragon Veterinary Group Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon