Embryo Transfer

Paragon transfer embryos fresh from both our MOET and IVF services, where appropriate, as well as frozen embryos produced domestically or imported. These are predominantly carried out in synchronised recipients, but can sometimes be arranged following a natural heat. The synchronisation of recipients is done in conjunction with your own vet, and can be scheduled to fit with your required calving patterns.

We are also able to provide 'cowstopper' implants for local repeat breeder cows, where an embryo is transferred a week after service to improve the chances of pregnancy.

Embryo Store

We store embryos for many clients, whether for short periods until recipients become available, or long-term for insurance against the loss of specific lines. We also have a licensed export store, meaning that eligible embryos in our store can be exported if required.

Recipient Preparation

Careful preparation of recipients is important in achieving good results. This includes feeding high quality, stable diet and mineral supplementation if appropriate for 6 weeks prior to transfer; low stress handling and management; accurate heat detection and avoidance of any significant changes.


"Cowstopper" embryos are embryos transferred in addition to artificially inseminating repeat breeder cows. This can help the establishment and recognition of pregnancy in cows which have failed to hold to previous services. Success rates can be around 50%, and approximately 70% of successful pregnancies are to the AI rather than the embryo, which just supports early pregnancy. Some cows will give birth to a calf from the embryo, and some to both!