Lifetime Care Club

Spread the cost of preventative healthcare

Paragon's Lifetime Care Club allows clients to spread the cost of routine preventative treatments, such as vaccinations, flea, tick and worming treatments throughout the year whilst also saving money on these treatments.

Included in the Scheme:

Annual vaccinations (including Kennel Cough for dogs)

12 months flea, tick and worming treatment

Health checks with the vet and nurse

As many free telephone consultations as required in the 12 months

As many free nail clips and anal gland expressing as required in the 12 months  

10% off Paragon blood tests, and urine and blood pressure analysis 

10% discount on neutering

10% off waiting room sales and food sales    

Lifetime Care Club Pricing (per month)

Cats: £14.20 

Dogs weighing less than 10kg: £16.00 

Dog weighing 10kg - 20kg: £17.50 

Dog weighing 20kg - 40kg: £19.50 

Dog weighing 40kg - 56kg: £23.50 

Dog weighing over 56kg: £35.50 

Door-to-door service

When you’re part of the Lifetime Care Club, you can have your pet’s treatments delivered directly to your door for a small additional fee of £2 per month. 

Speak to us today to find out more and join our Lifetime Care Club.