New Lifetime Care Club

As the cost-of-living crisis bites, Paragon Veterinary Group is giving pet owners a chance to save money on their pet care.

Paragon has launched a new Lifetime Care Club which can save owners more than £50 per year, spread the cost of care and includes discounted pet food.

Graham Lewis, a vet at Paragon’s Dalston centre, said: “Almost everyone is feeling the pinch during the current economic crisis, and nobody wants that to impact on our pets and how well we can look after them.

“Our new club will allow people to spread the cost of routine care over a year. And discounts on everything mean that members will make an overall saving which ranges from £18.75 for a cat up to a saving of £54 for a giant breed dog.

“As well as covering essentials like vaccinations and anti-parasitic treatments our scheme includes important tests and checks which help us prevent pets from developing common serious conditions.

“The club also includes discounted pet food bought at our surgeries, and an unlimited number of free phone consultations throughout the year.”

In any one year the Lifetime Health Club covers a health check and routine vaccinations, including Kennel Cough for dogs with more than a 50 per cent discount on the latter. 

It covers anti-parastic treatments to protect your pet from fleas, ticks, worms, lice and mites, with a discount of at least 10 per cent. These treatments can also be delivered to your home for a small extra fee, until the annual check-up is due.

Members of Paragon’s Lifetime Care Club will also benefit from 10 per cent off Paragon blood tests, goods bought in the waiting room including food, neutering, urine analysis and blood pressure analysis.

Members can also have as many free telephone consultations as they need in the 12 months and as many free appointments with a nurse for their pet to have its nails clipped or anal glands emptied. 

Costs vary depending on the weight of the pet. For example, a cat owner would save £18.75 over the 12 months. Spread over the year the club membership payments for the cat would be £14.20 per month.

The owner of a 30kg Labrador would save £32.19, with a monthly payment of £19.50. 

“We want to make it easier for people to keep their pet healthy and to keep accessing our expertise,” said Graham.

“Our club covers all the main bases for a healthy pet, with some really good savings along the way. Hopefully it will help bring a bit of peace of mind, especially in these uncertain times.”

If you would like to find out more about Paragon’s Lifetime Care Club, please get in touch.