One of the most common mobility issues we see is osteoarthritis.

This is a progressive disease which affects many of our pets and although we cannot cure this, there are many options to help keep your pets comfortable. 

Mobility issues can affect any animal and result from trauma, age or a hereditary problem. Strategies to help include weight management, exercise regimes, joint supplements, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, medications, adaptions in the home and laser therapy.

There’s a lot that people can do at home to help pets with joint issues. It could be something as simple as putting down a mat on a laminate floor to prevent slipping.

Ideally if a pet has arthritis or joint problems they need to be on the leaner side and not carrying any excess weight.  The more weight they carry the more load is placed on their joints and if the joints are painful that can make it harder for them to get about.

It’s a good idea to keep a diary of the pet’s mobility, noting if they have bad days, or which leg is sore and if it is progressing as time goes on. This can be useful for us to notice any triggers or flare ups and what’s causing them.

Ramps can be used instead of steps to help your dog get in and out of the house and car.

I would also advise providing deep padded beds such as a mattress, which the pet can walk on to without having to step up or down.  This will also help protect their joints when they lie down.

Raised food bowls can also be really helpful, so they don’t have to stretch down to eat.

Exercise should be adapted and controlled, with walks little and often. Feeding toys can be useful to help keep your pet stimulated and busy at home if they are unable to walk far.

Each pet needs a tailored approach as not every dog and cat is the same. We can consult with the owner on this.

We like to take a holistic approach bringing together different treatments for each animal to get the best outcome we can, with the main aim being their comfort.

We are always happy to speak to people on the phone and discuss their pet’s mobility problems, and if a consultation is needed with a vet or nurse then we are happy to book them in.