As we edge towards the festive period at Paragon Vets we always make sure we are well stocked up. This can mean mince pies for clients and staff, pet toys for Christmas presents but can also mean plentiful supplies of a drug used to make dogs sick! 

We need this drug at this time of year as unfortunately on the lead up to Christmas we have lots of dogs that eat things that they shouldn’t, in a lot of these cases if the owner is quick enough to spot the problem the dog can be safely made sick at the vets and stop whatever they have decided to eat causing a bigger problem! 

The risks and temptations are always there but at this time of year Christmas cake, Mince Pies, chocolates and other goodies under the tree or on the side in the kitchen can easily be got at and all have the potential to cause medical problems in dogs. 

If your dog does eat something you are not sure about the first thing to do is contact your vet as the sooner they can be treated the better the outcome, we can also give out advice over the phone as to whether something is likely to be toxic or not. If your pet is needing to be made sick the drug is administered by an injection in the back of the neck and causes vomiting very quickly. 

We also wanted to let our clients know that we are still open during the current restrictions and still available should your pets need to see a vet. We have worked on our COVID safe protocols since March and continue to review them to ensure the risk to clients and staff is minimal.