Ferret neutering

We recently had 2 female ferrets (jills) aged 6 months of age come to our Newbiggin practice to be neutered.
The breeding season for ferrets is March - August. Jills are 'induced ovulators' which means that they will remain in season for this whole period if they are not mated. The continous production of oestrogen can lead to bone marrow depression and life threatening anaemia. It is very important that jills are not left in season.
Options to prevent a jill from having a prolonged season include:-
  • Mating with a vasectomised male ferret, but this can be aggressive, induce a phantom pregnancy and also increases the risk of womb infection.
  • Hormone injection (Jill jab) required every year pre-breeding season.
  • Hormone implant (Off license use).
  • Spaying. Ideally performed between 6-8 months of age when the ferret is mature and before she comes into season.




Once the ferret is induced for an anaesthetic a very small endotracheal tube is placed in the windpipe. This helps deliver oxygen and anaesthetic gas throughout the procedure.








The surgical area is clipped and cleaned to prepare for the surgery








One little lady ready to go. The clip on her paw is a monitor that lets us monitor her pulse rate and oxygenation of the blood in circulation








Our vet Sam performing the surgery. Bronwyn one of our trainee nurses is monitoring the anaesthetic under supervision








The wound is closed with internal sutures that cannot be seen once finished. As you can see the wound is small




A happy Sam and a happy ferret post-surgery!

They can be a bit sleepy after the anaesthetic but are soon back to normal.