Dairy Consultancy

Paragon Veterinary Group has a dedicated team of farm animal vets/consultants with extensive international experience in dairy consultancy. We are also a founder member of XLVets, which is a network of 52 practices around the UK, which encompasses most of the expertise in cattle production in the UK, giving us access to immense experience and knowledge as well as the option of second opinion expertise in particular areas if necessary

Services provided

  1. Dairy Consultancy (trouble shooting or farm review)
  1. Regular (3-4 monthly visits) Dairy Consultancy, weekly monitoring of data (KPI’s) and in depth data analysis of problems.
  1. Training of the Veterinary Team and personnel
  1. Virtual day-to-day support
  1. Development and monitoring of protocols
  1. Import of improved genetics

      7. Additional support from pathologists, lab technicians, industry specialist, foot trimmers,…

These options can be delivered as standalone services or can be combined in a package to suit each individual farm.

For further information or a quote, please contact us by email.

Email: Dairyconsultancy@paragonvet.com