Pet Health Club

Welcome to the Paragon Pet Health Club

Don't wait for your Pet to become ill before coming to your vet.  We at Paragon would like to work with you to keep your pet as healthy as possible irrespective of their stage of life.  Early detection of disease improves treatment options.Joining a Pet Health Club will give you peace of mind that you are doing what you can to help keep your pet healthy.


10% DISCOUNT for Pet Health Club Members

As a member of a Paragon Pet Health Club you will get 10% Discount on vaccination course/booster as you join. Monthly direct debit payments (incorporating a 10% discount) cover future boosters, flea and worm prevention, and many other benefits:-

  • Routine clinical examination with Veterinary Surgeon (number varies with scheme)
  • Advice and healthcare checks with Nurse
  • Neutering kittens and puppies - if neutering option taken
  • 10% Discount on 12 months flea and worm prevention
  • Discounted Blood screening and urine testing in Senior dogs and cats
  • Discounted Blood pressure monitoring in old cats


Our Pet Health Club allows you to budget for routine health care and spread the cost.We acknowledge your commitment to your pet's health care by offering members a discount of 10% on products and services covered by the scheme.



  • 10% off Neutering
  • 10% off Microchipping
  • 10% off Waiting Room shop sales
  • 10% off Pet Food (excluding prescription diets)
  • 10% off Dental work (excluding anaesthetic)



For young pets requiring a primary vaccination course.




For all adult pets below the age of 10 years old. 




For senior pets 10 years and older (increased health screening). 




To Register.............Ask a Vet, Nurse or Receptionist at any of our surgeries for further information, and you can complete the Registration and Direct Debit form.