Consultations are available by appointment at the following times:

Carlisle House, Dalston

Monday to Friday

8.40 ~ 11.00am

1.30 ~ 3.00pm   4.00 ~ 6.40pm Saturdays 8.40 ~ 11.00am


Townhead Farm, Newbiggin

Monday to Friday mornings

9.00 ~ 10.00am  

Monday and Friday evening

4.00 ~ 5.00pm

Tuesday and Thursday evening

3.30 ~ 4.30pm

Wednesday evening

5.00 ~ 6.00pm



Consultations are normally 15 minutes long and are available both for standard healthcare matters such as vaccination, identichipping, health checks, weighing etc, or if your pet is unwell or has had an accident. Some ideas on how to get the best from your appointment are outlined in 'Getting the best'