Pet Health Club

Spread the cost of preventative healthcare

Paragon's Pet Health Club allows clients to spread the cost of routine preventative treatments such as vaccinations, flea, tick and worming treatments throughout the year whilst also saving money on these treatments.

Our Junior and Senior clubs also offer more treatments as part of the Club to ensure your pets get the best possible care throughout their lives

Included in the Scheme:

Welcome pack for new members

Annual vaccinations (including Kennel Cough for dogs)

12 months flea, tick and worming treatment

Health checks with the vet and nurse

30% discount on an annual wellness blood test for adult cats and dogs

10% off Waiting room sales inlcuding food

10% discount on neutering

10% discount on Rabies vaccination

Free nail clips and expressing anal glands

Adult and Junior Clubs

The Adult Club allows clients to give their pets the most up to date parasite treatments throughout the year, spread the cost of vaccinations and also make savings on high quality pet food and other waiting room products. For our younger patients there is also the opportunity to include neutering in the Club allowing the cost of this to be spread throughout the year.

The Pet Health Club can be joined at any time, for more details please contact the practice. Our Price List is found here:

Senior Club

The Senior Club is an option for any pet over 7 years old and provides additional support and checks for Senior pets. Included in the Senior Club alongside parasite treatments and vaccinations are an annual blood screen, blood pressure checks and urine analysis throughout the year.

If you are interested in joining the Senior Club or upgrading from the Adult Club please contact the practice. Our Price List is found here: