Sheep Breeding


Paragon Veterinary Group have been offering advanced sheep breeding services since 2000. We have a skilled team of veterinary surgeons, embryologists and technicians. With the back up of a large veterinary practice we are able to offer and provide a competitive and efficient service.

Services available include: 


Ram Fertility Assessment

A ram is 50% of your breeding flock. Infertile or sub-fertile rams can have a significant impact on flock performance and profitability. To avoid disappointment we advise fully examining all rams, including semen collection and assessment, 8 weeks before the start of the breeding season.

We are able to examine rams on centre, or in some circumstances on farm, and provide written certification if required.

Ram Vasectomies

A vasectomised (teaser) tup is an excellent way of tightening your lambing period and encouraging your ewes to come into season.  They are also a useful tool when using A.I. or E.T. as they enhance ewe fertility and lead to improved results.

Vasectomies can be performed either on farm or at our Newbiggin facilities.


Semen Freezing & Storage

Semen collection and freezing is an invaluable way of guaranteeing progeny from your stock ram. 

Benefits of freezing include: 

  1. Insurance against death or infertility
  2. Increases ram power
  3. Ability to use shared tups
  4. Can utilise semen from debilitated or injured rams
  5. Income from semen sales
  6. Preserves superior genetics for future use

Semen collection

Our Newbiggin centre has a residential ram unit, where rams are individually penned. Rams are trained to jump a teaser ewe and semen is collected using an artificial vagina.



Semen assessment

Semen quality is examined and graded accordingly. Only good quality semen is diluted and frozen into pellets. A sample of each batch is thawed and checked prior to storage.

Semen storage

Semen can be stored on centre in liquid nitrogen for an indefinite period of time without any detrimental effect on semen quality.