Telephone and Video Consultations

During the current Coronavirus restrictions we are trying to offer new ways of helping the pets under our care whilst limiting unnecessary travel/social interaction.

Luckily we have some modern technology available to us that can help!

Telephone consultations

We have always been able to offer advice over the phone to clients and this has not changed in the current situation. If you need some veterinary advice we are always just a phone call away and happy to help.

What has changed is the regulations on what can be prescribed without seeing an animal has been relaxed slightly during the current restrictions. This means we can use our clinical judgement to sometimes provide medication without the need to do a full examination of your pet.

Telephone consultation have a £17.50 fee for the vet's clinical judgement and time. If your pet then does need seen in the 7 days following that charge for the same condition we will discount the consultation charge by £17.50.

Please be aware that the vets are not always instantly available to speak to you, but we guarantee a vet will get back to you on the same day to discuss your concerns.

Video consultations

We are using a platform online through Vethelpdirect to host video consultation for clients for a charge of £17.50.

To use the video consult platform you need either a smartphone, a laptop or a computer (with a microphone and webcam).

To sign up click here

We have some public consultation slots, if none of these suit you when can do a consultation at another time. Email and we can get it booked in for you.