The curious case of the dog that couldn’t move

Taydi is a lovely natured, laid back young greyhound that had been very healthy until October 2016 and had seen very little of the vets. However in the middle of October he became very subdued and started acting strangely. His owner took him to the vets and he was found to have a high temperature. He was started on some antibiotics and initially seemed to respond well and at his check up 2 days later was doing great. It didn’t take long though for the problem to come back and over the next couple of days Taydi went from being a happy young greyhound to a dog that was unable to stand up and couldn’t even wag his tail!

He was admitted for ongoing treatment and started on intravenous fluid therapy to support him as well as further tests like blood samples. The bloods showed an inflammatory response and given his signs Meningitis became the most likely condition.

Over the next 3 days Taydi had intensive nursing care, regular turning as he couldn’t move and had to have a urinary catheter placed to help him urinate. He was able to eat and seemed fairly settled but despite all his medications and the fluid treatment he was not showing any improvement.

Another 2 days passed and Taydi was still unable to stand, he was also starting to get a bit fed up with all his nursing care and we were getting really concerned about his lack of improvement. He got regular visits from his owner and his owner was very dedicated and wanted to keep trying with him. Finally after 5 days without being able to stand we saw some small improvements when his owner was visiting. Taydi was trying to get up and able to support himself a bit!

Taydi really started to improve over the next couple of days, he was able to have his fluid therapy stopped and then we were able to remove his urinary catheter. He continued to get regular physiotherapy from our nursing team and became stronger and stronger. He became much happier as well and his wag returned with force! 8 days after being admitted Taydi started being able to hold himself upright again and was even able to take a couple of steps by himself.

Over the next 24 hours Taydi started walking better and better and he was finally able to go home on medication after a 10 day stay at Paragon! We were all so happy to see him improving as we had all become very attached to Taydi and we were very worried he wouldn’t make it.

Over the next few weeks Taydi got back to his normal self at home and is doing great, he is still on medication but it is slowly being reduced down and should be stopped soon.  We are delighted with him and are very grateful that he has such a dedicated, caring owner that was willing to do everything for his dog.