Sheep Fertility

All aspects of flock fertility can be addressed from synchronisation of ewes to compact lambing through to artificial insemination (A.I.) and embryo transfer (E.T.).

Ewes prior to tupping can be assessed for mineral status allowing for appropriate mineral supplementation.

Rams make up 50% of the breeding flock, pre-breeding assessment including a full physical examination and seminal analysis should be part of routine pre-tupping management.  Rams are usually examined at our Newbiggin centre using teaser ewes thus minimising the need for electroejaculation.

Vasectomies can be performed which allows farmers to tighten their lambing period.  A vesectomised ram, teaser, should be turned out with ewes prior to introduction of the ram to stimulate oestrus (heat).

Barren and aborted ewes can be sampled to evaluate their exposure to the primary causes of abortion, Toxoplasma and Enzootic abortion of ewes (EAE).  This means that appropriate vaccinations can be used if required prior to tupping.