Good nutrition is fundamental to cow health and productivity as well as milk composition.

Transition management is vital to overall lactational health.  Poor transition management can lead to a high incidence of periparturient diseases such as LDA. milk fever, retained cleansings and ketosis/fatty liver.  We like to get involved with regular monitoring of the transition period including - stocking density, trough space per cow, grouping, ration composition and body condition scoring (BCS).

We believe that success in feeding cows involves a whole team approach where by farmer/vet/nutritionist/herdsman meet on a regular basis to discuss and identify issues requiring attention.  Farm visits help to check how cows are responding to the formulated ration and how it is being fed.

Where needed, we have the back-up of independent expert nutritional advice through the XLVets network.

Further investigations include the use of the DairyMet urinalysis, blood NEFA and BHB as well as rumenocentesis.  All our vets carry BHB monitors so we can offer this as an instant cow side test.

Milk recording data can also be used to assess herd nutritional status by monitoring trends in yield and milk composition.