Mastitis & Udder Health

Masititis continues to be one of the most important production diseases of dairy cattle.  Profitability can be improved by managing both the incidence of clinical mastitis and controlling somatic cell counts.  Udder health is vital to cow productivity.  It has been shown that raised cell counts adversely affect yield as well as increasing cull rates.

Monthly milk recording is strongly encouraged to assist monitoring to ensure milk buyers targets are met.  We can offer added value to your milk recording data by offering the Clover Cell Check analysis.  This enables targeted treatment of specific cows as well as monitoring of key trends such as dry period performance and new infection rates.

We also offer the Dairy Co mastitis plan, which provides a whole farm approach to masititis control and allows access to recognised specialists in mastitis and udder health.

Evaluations of milking machine function and milk routine are available using our dynamic parlour testing equipment.  Teat end scores can be assessed as well as samples collected for bacteriology.