Grass Roots - Herd Health Management Tool

Grass Roots is a unique veterinary service package that will help maintain a healthy herd and optimise performance, giving you the action plan and tools you need to boost farm profitability.

Grass Roots works with your herd performance data and draws on the latest veterinary investigation tools to deliver measurable herd productivity improvements.

Grass Roots requires teamwork and effective communication.  Working with you and your other herd advisors, our experienced specialist dairy vets will help you get to the root of any herd health problems limiting the financial returns from milking cows.

Grass Roots - a summary:-

  • Quarterly on-farm herd performance discussions
  • Regular herd health and fertility reviews
  • Recording for more profitable performance
  • Data analysis and interpretation using Totalvet®, Interherd® and Clover Cell Check®
  • Targeted advice and action plans with cost benefit analysis
  • Knowledge transfer through practical workshops, discussion groups and farm walks

Delivered in parallel with your everyday veterinary needs, Grass Roots will help you develop your approach to herd health and unlock the real milk production profit potential on your farm.

We encourage our dairy clients to use the Grass Roots package for their health planning needs.  In conjunction with this herd health plans are formulated to the required standard for NDFAS or FABBL as well as the Northwest Livestock Programme (NWDA) for both beef and dairy herds.

Optimum herd health improves farm profitability through enhanced productivity and welfare.  Health planning is a dynamic and evolving process that needs to be constantly reviewed and updated.