Cattle Fertility

We pride ourselves on a team approach to fertility management and encourage clients to have regular visits with the vet of their choice to meet and monitor key fertility parameters.

All vets are experienced in delivering routine fertility work using ultrasound scanning.  We apply a whole herd approach to fertility and understand the close association between fertility and health.

We use a variety of computer based fertility software systems such as Interherd+ and Totalvet to monitor fertility parameters and give relevant feedback and expert advice on key performance indicators.  Data for these systems can be gathered from NMR/CIS milk recordings, or on-farm computer or paper records, or a combination of these.  We also offer a bureau service for Interherd and Totalvet, where farm data is entered by our farm animal administrator, reducing the time you need to spend on paperwork.

Herd fertility performance not only involves the monitoring and management of females in the herd but also bull performance should not be neglected.  The Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation (BBSE) performed prior to the service period allows a proactive approach to screening out sub-fertile bulls.  Electroejaculation (EEJ) is carried out by our specially trained veterinary surgeons.

We regularly run DIY A.I. courses.