Training courses for farmers

We run regular Farmskills training courses.

These are practical, small group courses, held on farms in Cumbria and delivered by vets or other industry experts.  Participants come away with new, practical skills they can apply to their day-to-day work, to improve livestock and business performance.

Details of our farmer training courses in Cumbria are listed below. Let us know what course you're interested in, and we'll get in touch when we have a date for a course. If you have a group of 4 or more we can put on a course specifically for your farm. If you want to attend a course that isn't listed, please contact us and we'll endeavour to put one on. 

Our courses

Cattle Foot Trimming and Hoof Care Course

Cattle hoof trimming is an essential skill for all dairy farmers. This course is recommended for anyone from experienced herdsmen wanting to improve their hoof trimming skills, to inexperienced farm workers who are new to trimming cows feet. Also suitable for anyone starting out as a professional cattle foot trimmer.

Course tutors:

  • One of the experienced Paragon Farm Vet Team
  • Tony Richardson - experienced professional cattle hoof trimmer, Dutch diploma holder, National Association of Cattle Foot Trimmers full licence and approved instructor. Former tutor with Newton Rigg College.

Participants receive a certificate of attendance to verify they have attended a 3 day Dutch method foot trimming course from an approved instructor. This allows membership of the National Association of Cattle Foot trimmers (NACFT) under a provisional license. If required, participants can then work towards a diploma in cattle foot trimming and a full license. 

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Trim feet using the Dutch 5-step method
  • Identify and treat common foot lesions
  • Sharpen knives
  • Apply blocks
  • Assess lameness risks on farm and apply preventative measures to reduce lameness
Course cost: TBC (depending on funding available) 
3 days, 10am to 4pm

DIY A.I. and cattle fertility course

This DEFRA approved cattle AI course is recommended for anyone wanting to AI cows on their own farm, or start on a career as a professional AI technician. Participants receive a certificate of competence in artificial insemination of cattle.

This practical course for farmers starts at one of our surgeries with a model cow, ensuring participants have a full understanding of the technique before visiting several farms over four days to gain plenty of practical experience under the guidance of an experienced veterinary surgeon.

In addition to learning how to inseminate cows, participants will gain a better understanding of cow fertility, and how to improve fertility on farm. 

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Carry out cattle DIY AI, fully qualified
  • Thaw semen straws
  • Manage a semen tank
  • Assess farm fertility 
  • Apply measures to improve fertility on farm

Course cost: TBC (depending on funding available)

4 days, 10am to 3pm


Lambing course

  • Care of ewes at lambing
  • Practical lambing
  • Care of lambs

1 day, 10am to 4pm


First Aid on farms

  • Human first aid
  • Practical course, specifically for farmers
  • Rescusitation, controlling bleeding, burns, bandaging
  • Approved "First Aid at Work" certificate

1 day, 10am to 4pm


Feeding the high-yielding dairy cow

  • Learn how to formulate a basic ration.
  • Understanding silage analysis.
  • How to feed for both yield and health.
  • Practical ways to prevent LDA’s, Ketosis & Acidosis  

1 day, 10am to 4pm


Safe and effective use of Veterinary Medicines 

Individual courses for sheep, beef and dairy farmers

  • Practical techniques for injecting and dosing
  • Understand antibiotics, vaccines, wormers and anti-inflammatories
  • Calculate dosages
  • The right medicine for the right situation
  • Comply with farm assurance

1 day, 11am to 3pm


Cattle Practical Techniques                                         

  • Stomach tubing calves and cows
  • Injecting, including IV injections
  • Calving techniques
  • Milk sampling and drying off
  • Ideal for young farmers 

1 day, 10am to 4pm


**All course costs subject to numbers attending and extra funding that may be available.**


To reserve a place on a course, or to enquire about a course, phone us on 01228 710208 or e-mail

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