Artificial Insemination

At Townhead farm, Newbiggin we are a British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) approved centre for the artificial insemination (AI) of mares using chilled and frozen semen.  We have operated as an AI centre for over 10 years and have a wide range of experience when it comes to dealing with problem mares.  We pride ourselves on taking excellent care of either your mare or mare and foal and can adapt to their specific needs.

We have excellent on centre facilities for the care of mares and foals, including:

  • 20 acres of individual fenced paddocks with good quality grazing
  • 7 stables including 2 large foaling boxes
  • Stocks for ultrasound examination and insemination
  • Semen storage and handling facilities      
  • Vets experienced in AI      
  • Experienced on centre staff for mare and foal monitoring
  • Secure yard  


 Artificial insemination in horses


The success of artificial insemination in horses is highly dependent on the timing of insemination in relation to the mare ovulating. Because of the great variation in length of cycles the prediction of the time of ovulation is made harder and relies on repeated ultrasound scans.


The mares soon become accustomed to examination in our stocks and foals can be safely restrained. In the spring and early summer we have a steady turnover of mares for insemination. Some will stay for a few days only, until the timing for insemination is perfect, returning home to be scanned there and returned if necessary for further insemination. Others from further away will stay until scanned in foal.

We have experience in handling chilled and frozen semen and have a semen store on site so that everything can be set up in advance of the mare's cycle.


Frozen semen can be purchased from a variety of sources and arrangements can be made to send chilled semen by carrier from the studs.

We charge per cycle a fixed fee which includes all scans, drugs and treatment leading up to insemination then post insemination washouts and pregnancy diagnosis at 14 and 28 days.  Owners must make their own arrangements to pay for the semen and its delivery.

For further details of our artificial insemination package and other breeding services please see the brochure below.


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