Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Veterinary Services

(Including Advanced Cattle and Sheep Breeding Services)

We (Paragonvet Ltd) are pleased to offer you Veterinary Services including Advanced Cattle and Sheep Breeding Services (ET, IVF and related procedures) and we are looking forward to working with your animals. We would, however, like to draw your attention to the following points:


1, We (Paragonvet Ltd) will take every reasonable care when handling and applying procedures to your animals and will take every reasonable care to prevent straying, theft or injury of livestock. However we can accept no liability, apart from that set out in paragraph 5 below, for theft, straying, ill health, infertility or injury to any animal whilst in our custody or control, or in transit, or for any consequential loss or damage incurred thereafter, however caused. If you are concerned about the risk you should insure appropriately.

2, We (Paragonvet Ltd) shall be under no liability for embryos held in the freezing machine, in store or in transit on your behalf, or for any consequential loss or damage incurred after transfer. We will take every reasonable care of your embryos but it is not our policy to insure them and you should insure appropriately , if you so desire

3, All outstanding fees must be settled within 30 days of invoicing. For certain services a pregnancy fee may be charged and this will become due when the recipient is confirmed a) in calf at 60 days gestation or b) in lamb at routine scanning. Paragonvet Ltd will be under no liability for pregnancies (or calves/lambs) lost after this point, for whatever reason, or for any consequential loss incurred.

4, Paragonvet Ltd will not be held responsible for the late arrival or non-arrival of the ET/IVF team due to inclement weather or act of God, but will make every endeavour to complete the work on an alternative occasion

Residential Animals

5, Residential donors and recipients are insured under the following standard sections with NFU Mutual (with the maximum sum insured £5000 per animal).

Fire Farming Stock Livestock Fatal Injury Straying Theft Farming Stock General Livestock in Transit

We would suggest that you inform your insurers where your animal(s) are and insure appropriately for transport & other risks if you require more comprehensive cover or an increased valuation. Alternatively, we can arrange for our insurers (NFU Mutual—Carlisle Branch) to provide additional cover for the duration of the stay of your animal(s)—with any additional premium being charged to yourself.

Embryo Sexing

6, Embryo sexing involves biopsy (ie removing a small piece from the embryo). Whilst experience has shown that, in general, the pregnancy rate after fresh transfer is not significantly affected by the biopsy procedure, Paragonvet Ltd can accept no responsibility for reduced embryo viability in individual donors

7, Frozen biopsied embryos are highly likely to be of reduced viability compared to those frozen without biopsy. Paragonvet Ltd will freeze biopsied embryos if you wish, but can accept no liability for any loss of viability

8, The sexing test is over 90% accurate over large numbers, however the birth of the occasional calf of the undesired sex is inevitable. Paragonvet Ltd can accept no responsibility for the birth of such calves or for any consequential loss incurred

Provision of recipients

9, On occasion it may arise that recipients are sourced by Paragonvet Ltd on your behalf from third parties. Whilst reasonable enquiries will be made, Paragonvet Ltd can accept no liability for the quality or health status of such recipients. We are happy to organise specific testing, if requested, but would also recommend that you take your own veterinary surgeons advice on isolation and testing before mixing with your stock

Use of ‘off label’ medicines

10, On occasions it may be necessary to administer a product which is not authorised/licensed for use in cattle or sheep but is, nevertheless, acknowledged as a product that is an effective component of an Advanced Breeding protocol. There is, therefore, a small risk of unknown side effects. Presentation of your animals for Advanced Cattle or Sheep Breeding Services will be regarded as acceptance of any attendant risk.


11, Acceptance of these conditions is implied by the commencement of an Advanced Cattle or Sheep Breeding Program or the arrival of animals on our residential or day centre. Please note, however, that the exclusions of liability referred to above are not intended to exclude any statutory liability

Updated May 2006