Cattle Breeding

Artificial breeding techniques in cattle

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 Embryo Export  Paragon have exported embryos throughout the world. Regulations are in place for many countries—please enquire for details.

Although certain conditions must be fulfilled, embryo collection for export can usually be undertaken on-farm, provided that processing for freezing takes place in our approved mobile laboratory. Conditions may vary between countries. Please phone us to discuss your requirements. N.B. prior notice is required for all export programs.


Semen Collection & Processing  Semen from your bull, provided he has been through a simple DEFRA testing and licensing procedure, can be collected on-farm, processed and frozen for your own use and for sale within the UK (except NI).  

On-farm collection is a cost effective way of providing semen for a breeding program as well as insurance for a high performing bull.

Bull & Cow Fertility Examinations  Semen testing a bull after purchase or before sale can save money as well as provide peace of mind!

We are specialists in infertility and are happy to be consulted on individual infertile cows.


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