Barney the Duck - Part 2

Some of you might remember the story of Barney the duck and his accident last year which resulted in him having one of his legs splinted after injuring his hock joint. After the operation by Anne Abbs to repair his leg and much physio and hydrotherapy at home with his owners he made a full recovery and is now back to full health, and you wouldn’t be able to tell he had a serious leg injury at all. (click here for the story)

Barney is a young runner duck who is like no other! He loves to spend his days with his owners and William the boxer dog, whether it be rummaging around looking for bugs outside together or popping into the house for a snack. He also likes to go on walks with William down to the lake and then back up into the garden for a swim in the pond.  He does however like to keep William in his place!

Barney not only loves human company but just like William his friend he loves treats. He regularly enjoys food parcels his owners put together for him with spinach and bread pieces and other tasty elements which he pops into the kitchen to collect throughout the day. Another of his favourite things to do his owners tell me, is to go on bugs hunts up the drive. This includes his owners lifting stones up for tasty bugs for Barney to devour.  Barney gets involved in most activities and sleeps in the house at night in his own room.

Currently now Barney is fighting fit, his owners are on the lookout for a female friend for him so he has another duck as a companion to swim and explore with.

As you can see Barney really is a special duck and isn’t it great to see him doing so well after his accident.